The Disney Way Training Series

The Disney Way Workshop

The Disney Way Training Series:
How to Create a ‘Dream, Believe, Dare, Do Customer-Centric Culture

Walt Disney knew that the key to an organization’s long term success was to focus on creating exceptional customer experiences. His “dream, believe, dare, do” credo is a proven formula that guides leaders and drives collaboration within teams. The result is newfound levels of success.

Now, this highly coveted training series is available to any sized organization, public or private, through The Disney Way Training Series, ​exclusively through Basecamp at The Grand Lake Center. Discover how to build a success model using the proven formula that Fortune 50 companies have used.

Key points to why you or your organization should attend:

Transform your organization through hands-on training grounded in the time-tested success and insights from The Walt Disney CompanyTM

The Disney Way Training Series provides professional from the private, public, and social sectors an opportunity to experience experiential learning with the time-tested success principles from The Disney Way.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to learn how DisneyTM consistently delivers a customer centric approach to training and development of leaders, service and employee engagement.

An invaluable forum for networking, collaboration and idea-sharing amongst the participants.

As one of the most recognized names in professional development, The Disney Way training and development methodology empowers organizations to create lasting change through a time-tested model for creating cultural transformation that bridges insights into action through Disney’s best practices in leadership, culture, customer experience, brand loyalty, creativity and innovation.

About the presenter:

Bill Capodagli, coauthor of the best-selling book The Disney Way, shares decades of experience and research to help you create your own customer-centric culture. Discover how Walt Disney’s success credo – Dream, Believe, Dare, Do – has fostered Disney’s incredible accomplishments.

If you are ready to create a Disney Way Customer-Centric Culture, build a collaborative team, and take your organization to new levels of excellence, this is one hands-on workshop you must not miss!

Session I: ‘Dream’ The Disney Way: A 3-Day Signature Workshop >

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